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Master's Thesis

Master's Thesis

Appva is eager to be on the front line of new technologies. This has allowed Appva to drive new tech into our product and leverage modern technology to build a cutting edge system for health care. Naturally, a thesis is a perfect medium to accelerate this process. Appva is proud to offer Master's Thesis opportunities for degrees in Computer Science and Media Technology.

Project Description

A Master's Thesis is a large and rigorous project and at Appva we believe that passion and curiosity are corner stones to a well conducted project. Therefore, we would like the project definition to be a collaborative process where both Appva and you work together to define a project that sparks both our interest, is well defined, and most importantly, is really exciting!

It's sometimes hard to come up with a project out of thin air, so we have come up with a few suggestions to build from:

Optimization of Neural Network Text Classifications

During 2018 Appva launched a system for classification of care procedures. More information regarding the scope of the system can be found in this article. The task of the system is to classify a text string describing a care procedure with a specific care procedure code.

In this project we are interested to investigate the solution space for increasing the classification accuracy of a neural network (NN). The approach might be, but is not limited to, investigating/comparing/combining text pre-proccessing methods, comparing the NN to text-classification kernels or optimal tuning strategies for NN.

Support Chat Bot

Appva's support team receives numerous questions concerning the same topics. They cover a spectrum of complexity levels from forgotten passwords to requests for new functionalities in our ecosystem. We continuously work to reduce the to reduce time and effort needed by our users to resolve any issue or inquiry they might have.

In this project we would like to investigate how the data collection at Appva can be utilized to construct a Chat Bot. Possible approaches could be comparison of different Chat Bot strategies, classification of inquiries, correct FAQ references, perceived helpfulness of a Chat Bot interfaces versus traditional phone support, effects on lead times, etc. Needless to say, there is a plethora of fields which could form the foundation of this project.

Exception- and Error Logs Classification/Visualization

Like all systems, warnings and errors are bound to show up. Navigating logs to find patterns and anomalies is part of maintaining and hardening a system. To make this task more pleasant visualizations and abstract representations are valuable tools.

In this project we want to investigate the solution space for intuitive visualization of logs. The approach can vary from data science topics as classification and anomaly detection where comparisons between various models could be researched. The topic could also take the form of human-interaction research where tools and methodologies for visualizing anomalies, recurring events, periodicity etc. may be compared.

Your Own Idea

If you have your own original idea for an thesis we are eager to hear it! Please specify in as much detail you can provide your idea and how it fits the Appva ecosystem in the application form.


When: A full autumn/spring semester

Compensation: Yes, according to agreement

We review all application continuously that arrives with a sufficient time buffer to get started early in the semester. Please use the Application form to specify what project you are interested in and what approach you want to pursue.

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Arbetsplats & kultur

Våra medarbetare leverar en IT-upplevelse i världsklass, för att kunna göra det jobbar vi hela tiden på att ge varandra de bästa förutsättningar för att nå våra mål

Hos oss får du:

  • En individuell utvecklingsplan.
  • Arbeta med spjutspetsteknik och innovation.
  • En modern företagskultur med tydliga mål.
  • Sätta avtryck och bidra med dina värderingar för att göra oss bättre. 

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